X Platform System Release 9
For better, faster, safer, greener solutions

X Platform upgrades

Introducing the new X Platform System Release 9

Appear continuously delivers product improvements to enable the highest standards of quality, functionality, performance and value to our customers. As a result of this work, we are pleased to announce the general availability of X Platform System Release 9 for all customers with a valid SLA. If you do not have a valid SLA and would like access to System Release 9, please contact us.

In our most recent X Platform system release, we have dedicated our efforts to enhancing power, space, and operational efficiencies. We also introduce new features aimed at optimising revenue protection. Additionally, we have prioritised the delivery of standardisation, enabling seamless interoperability within your media processing and delivery workflows.

With each software upgrade, we continuously enhance the efficiency of content contribution and distribution across the multitude of applications and use cases our esteemed customers employ. Although we would love to list them all, the sheer variety of unique ways our customers utilize our X Platform makes it impossible to do so within the limited space available!


Appear Better...

...with the highest quality implementation of compression standards that maximise the quality/bitrate efficiency

New functionalities

AVC/HEVC encoder and decoder - Delivering enhanced audio processing capabilities
  • Increased number of Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby E passthrough to 8 x per service which equates to AAC/MPEG2L1 encode density.
  • Custom source channel mapping - enabling reuse of audio channels in multiple 5.1 encodes or rearranging audio channels. 

New XPanel user interface and thumbnail confidence monitoring

  • Enhancing operational efficiency and empower users with advanced monitoring and configuration capabilities for the X Platform. This streamlined view of the X panel and specialised media processing and delivery implementations simplify configuration optimisation and fault monitoring, maximising content delivery efficiency while minimising impact on services.
  • XPanel monitoring UI application for satellite contribution now delivering a system overview of the contribution workflow from Encoder to S2X modulator or TS over IP output including BISS scrambling.
  • Thumbnail confidence monitor now presents an overview of all uncompressed streams in the chassis from a single unified view.

Appear Faster...

…with the lowest latency platforms for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression


New functionalities

Advanced standards integration for seamless workflow interoperability - We are relentless about standards and how they help our customers with advancing interoperability and enable the efficient flow of their valuable content.

  • JPEG-XS with NMOS support for IPx210 modules with ST2110 input and output.
  • AVC/HEVC ST2110 encoder and decoder modules:
    • Supports ST2038 ancillary data to convey ancillary data in generic fashion over contribution links. 
    • Supports in-band PTP to avoid a dedicated PTP connection to the IP Gateway switch module. 
    • Fully compliant time code for AVC - in addition to HEVC


Appear Safer...

…with reliable solutions that support redundant network infrastructure and offer advanced firewall functionality 

New functionalities

Protecting content revenue - A core element of media service and content provision is to protect content revenues. 

  • AVC/HEVC transcoder now supports logo insertions.
  • Enables content watermarking applications.

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