X Platform Software Release 7
For better, faster, safer, greener solutions

X Platform upgrades

Introducing the new X Platform Software Release 7

Appear continuously provides product improvements to deliver the highest standards of quality, functionality, performance, and value to our customers. As a result of this work, we are pleased to announce the general availability of X Platform System Release 7 for all customers with a valid SLA.

This release includes many new features and module enhancements to make the most of your existing equipment. If you wish to download the software upgrades, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

If you do not have a valid SLA and would like access to System Release 7, please contact us.


Appear Better...

...with the highest quality implementation of compression standards that maximise the quality/bitrate ratio

  • A cost optimized gateway solution for remote DSNG contribution
  • Simplified user interface to configure and monitor performance
  • Enablement of bridging between 2110/PTP and remote sites via a non-PTP based contribution links
  • Support for contribution facilities moving away from SDI signals to transmit uncompressed data over IP and ensure interoperability between equipment from multiple vendors
  • Implementation of the full functionality for SSM/IGMPv3 networks including 2110 services 
  • Improved SRT solutions

New functionalities

  • New 2110 input format support for JPEG XS TS encoder in addition to the existing SDI support
  • 1G DSNG gateway: All-in-one solution for DSNG remote sites including Encoding, encryption (BISS1&,BISS-CA), modulation and a built-in demodulator for monitoring purposes
  • JT-NM tested NMOS implementation for IS-04, IS-05 and IS-09 and JT-NM tested ST2110 –10/20/30/31/40 senders and receivers

  • X-Panel contribution application: A new standalone management application for controlling satellite transmission of encoded services in a contribution link

  • IGMPV3 Source filtering for IP input, including MiO
  • IGMPV3 support on 2110 inputs
  • SRT - RTP header support on 2022-7

Appear Faster...

…with the lowest latency platforms for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression

  • Reduce the latency in contribution links
  • Providing lowest latency for production facilities where the camera feeds are edited
  • Ensuring the highest possible quality and lowest latency by eliminating the need for a transcoder

New functionalities:

  • Subframe latency for SDI over JPEG XS TS end to end delay
  • Up to 50 ms (2.5 frames) reduction of decoding latency in Ultra Low Latency AVC mode
  • ABR Encoder with SDI input or JPEG-XS TS input directly at the source for OTT streaming


Appear Safer...

…with reliable solutions that support redundant network infrastructure and offer advanced firewall functionality 

  • A market-leading failover solution
  • Traditional HW redundancy (1+ 1 chassis) replaced by a cost optimize N+1 solutions with 2 MMI modules and one Encoder being spare for N encoder modules.

New functionalities:

  • IP gateway redundancy enhancements for secure operations, including PTP enhancements (improved holdover and dual MMI support)
  • SDI encoder modules supports N+M redundancy configuration and has integrated control of external SDI switches from Black Magic and Nevion.

Appear Greener...

...with the densest, most power efficient media processing and delivery solutions on the market

  • Reducing the cost per channel
  • Reduce the overall complexity and physical demands on the your network 

New functionalities:

  • Density increased on Ultra Low Latency HEVC encoding with support for passthrough audio for latency critical situation or compressed MP1L2 audio for bandwidth limited applications.  
  • VLAN bridge on D3/D4 interfaces 

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