X Platform System Release 10

Maximising X Platform's capacity

Introducing the new X Platform System Release 10

With our commitment to engineering excellence, Appear continuously delivers valuable and high-quality media technology product software releases to the live contribution and production markets. Our system release combines thoroughly tested and verified software packages from various product software releases and X Platform modules. This enables us to provide our customers with a reliable and verified software bundle, showcasing the immense value we have been diligently developing over the past few months!

As a result of this work, we are pleased to announce the general availability of X Platform System Release 10 for all customers with a valid SLA. If you do not have a valid SLA and would like access to System Release 10, please contact us.

Feature and functionality advancement is key for the evolution of media technology products and solution innovation, but how does that translate to value for media service providers?

The latest X Platform system release hones in on several key areas to enhance power, space, and operational efficiencies. It brings forth new features that not only advance network capabilities but also unlock monetisation opportunities. Additionally, these features align with industry standards, enabling seamless interoperability within your media processing and delivery workflows. By prioritising robustness and reliability, they also play a pivotal role in reducing consumer churn -  delivering a superior media service to viewers and subscribers.

Moving the needle

Enhancing platform efficiency and increasing density

The X Platform is the most dense and powerful media processing and delivery platform on the market, delivering unparalleled power and space efficiency. We continue to focus on this aspect of the value it delivers.

In system release 10 we integrate our recently launched aSRT (Accelerated SRT) technology which is revolutionising live event production. It also aligns content value against delivery costs across internet connections and unmanaged networks.


Appear aSRT solution:

  • The ultimate content transport technology
    • 72Gb per 2RU chassis (6Gb per module)
    • Over 1,500 connections per 2RU chassis
  • Multi encode/decode media processing


Creating monetisation opportunities

You don’t have a live media business if you can’t monetise it!

In this release we have included some key advancements in the way content can be monetised through advertising and smooth and seamless ad-insertion within the great content you are delivering!


  • Digital program insertion support for decoder (SCTE-35 to SCTE-104 conversion)
  • DPI interface to send SCTE-104 ad-insertion messages via TCP (through the CTRL port on the MMI module)

Protecting and maintaining revenues

A core element of media service and content and network security -  ultimately ensuring content revenues are protected and maintained.

Out-of-band NMOS control separates management messaging from the data network which enables advanced operational security within the network.


  • Out-of-band NMOS Control
    • Separates management messaging from the data network which enables advanced operational security within the network
  • Expanding the redundancy trigger configuration from card scope to be configurable per flow configuration
    • Control of redundancy environment
    • Consistency across redundancy mechanisms and architecture


Enhancing interoperability

We are relentless and passionate about standards and fully understand how they help our customers with advancing interoperability within media delivery and transport ecosystems and enabling the efficient flow of content.

We want to make standards part of everything we do to deliver robust, reliable and optimised quality content. With the feature in this release we are helping customers evolve network capabilities


  • RTP dejitter support for 2022-2 flows. This enables dejittering of 2022-2 flows to be forwarded as RTP thus preserving the RTP headers for downstream 2022-7 processing

Reducing consumer churn

It is crucial to keep pace with regulatory requirements for viewer experiences as well as pushing the boundaries around the art of the possible with consumer engagement for live event broadcast and streaming experiences.

A key part of ensuring an engaging and compelling service and reduce consumer churn is to ensure your services are on air without fail by building in redundancy and resiliency mechanisms into your architectures and workflows. This builds media brand value and ensures that eyeballs don’t wander from your services to competing platforms.



  • Closed caption support for decoding
    • Consumer experience and regulatory requirement for hard of hearing viewers (subtitling)
  • Latency optimiser
    • Ensures that the 2022-7 buffers are aligned with optimal latency, thus providing a system with a deterministic latency behaviour while aligning latency across different networks
    • Ensures an optimal consumer experience through consistent latency in respect to buffering
    • Distribution from Satellite to IP topologies when there is higher latency in IP networks than Satellite

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