Doubling JPEG XS efficiency and maximising content workflow capacity

New X Platform JPEG XS and 100G Switch modules now available!

Doubling density and delivering high bit-rate applications

Among the the latest developments for the Appear X Platform is a new JPEG XS module (SIx130) which enables support for up to 96 Full HD channels within a single X20 2RU chassis, doubling the density of the current module and delivering both power, shipping and spatial efficiency gains for live contribution and production applications.

The newly launched 100G switch module is designed to push the capacity and density of the market-leading contribution and production hardware platform even further.  It is aligned to the growing number of high capacity networks for production applications, such as live contribution links, delivering the capacity for an increasing consumer appetite to experience live sport action with a growing number of camera angles and premium levels of production.


Benefits of Appear's new density and capacity optimised technology

Enhanced operational cost efficiencies​
The enhanced capacity of the 100G switch module and and the density optimisation enabled by the new JPEG XS module drive significant operational and cost efficiencies through reduced energy consumption, rack space and shipping costs for live event contribution and production applications.
Future proofed platform
The 100G Switch module can now future proof your X Platform aligned with high bandwidth networks and even higher bitrates required for multiple event location cameras and the ultimate in video quality to drive compelling and immersive consumer experiences.
Reducing carbon footprint
The X Platform's superior power efficiency coupled with our green manufacturing processes that utilise Norway's green energy, mean when you deploy the Appear X Platform with the new density enhanced JPEG XS and 100G switch modules, you can drive towards your sustainability targets.
Optimising scale
Scaling capacity for network bandwidth is a crucial element of live event production and contribution.  The X Platform 100G switch enables a new high of scaling up capacity, and the JPEG XS module supports up to 96 JPEG XS Full HD channels from a single 2RU platform to scale up live event production when its needed.

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